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Simplicity. Usability. Creativity

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Simplicity. Usability. Creativity

Sheep in Disguise is a small Web Design and Development Studio concentrating on User-Centric design. From design and development to implementation, Sheep in Disguise offers a combination of solid expertise, a passionate approach to design, and carefully crafted ideas.


I have used Michael Kroll for everything since I have met him many years ago. Every job where I need fresh, unique and incredible design, I think of Michael even before I take on the job — as I know he will bring ideas and knowledge to the entirety of the project.

—Kevin J. Foxe
Executive Producer, The Blair Witch Project, Founder of the Producers Guild New Media Council, and Producer, Sprocket Buckaroo Entertainment

Michael’s mastery of the technical and artistic aspects of web design have enabled us to effectively communicate complex science and policy issues related to sustainability to a large and diverse global audience.

—Cutler J. Cleveland
Professor of Geography and Environment, Boston University
Editor-in-Chief, Encyclopedia of Earth

From the look and feel to the power of optimized flow, Sheep in Disguise works tirelessly to deliver and in the process, no detail is sacrificed.

—Jake Wall
VP Marketing, The Experience Project

Michael’s work starts communicating instantly — before you ever read a single word. Wow!

—Kenneth Feldman
Owner, Kpfdigital Creative Services

Michael lives your project with you. He internalizes your vision, emotions, ideas and constraints; and then breathes life, energy, clarity, and joy into your project. You get superior quality from concept to execution — for a very fair price. Since he finished our first project, we’ve won acclaims for our website from all quarters.

—Amir Soltani
Director of Operations, Omid for Iran

Michael Kroll

Michael Kroll — Visual Designer

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Michael has a thing for Great White Sharks. When he was five, his parents took him to see Jaws at a local drive-in theatre. To this day he does not sleep with his arms or legs dangling over the edge of his bed.

He brings this same supernormal and imaginative passion to his work. Michael has the intuitive ability to clearly communicate concepts, ideas, energy and personality through his visual design.

Michael has a user-centric approach to design, exceptional visual design skills, and a keen sensibility for color, typography, composition, and a gifted eye for detail. His visual intuitiveness allows him to strike the perfect balance between form and function. Michael’s aesthetic is guided by restraint and simplicity.

His work elegantly speaks out for a wide range of individuals and organizations; from Fortune 500 companies to not-for-profit agencies to musicians and performing artists.

Michael is the founder of Sheep in Disguise, his new media design studio in Carmel, California. Prior to opening his studio, he was Creative Director at ManyOne Networks and the Creative Director at Zazengo.

Michael has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Computer Arts from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from Columbia College Chicago.

Anatoli Papirovski

Anatoli Papirovski — UI Developer

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Anatoli started his career in Prague, Czech Republic back in 2001. At the time, he was one of the first developers working with XHTML, CSS, and other new technologies that were just emerging. This allowed him to work on some of the most prominent projects based in Czech Republic.

In 2004, he made his way over to the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then he’s had the opportunity to work on projects for such clients as, Intuit, Revlon, and the United Nations Foundation.

At Sheep in Disguise, Anatoli is responsible for handling usability testing and implementing Michael’s designs. He occasionally publishes professional articles about web design in English and Czech.

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Sheep in Disguise is a small Web Design and Development Studio concentrating on User-Centric design. We care about your business, we listen, and we craft the best solution based on your individual needs. We’re here to help you solve your problems whether you need a re-design or you’re starting from scratch. We offer a vast amount of services in-house and for the ones we don’t, we have trusted partners that work to the same standards we do.

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